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Hello *waves*

That is, only the personal stuff may possibly be f-locked.

So this journal is mostly Fiction; mainly from the Supernatural fandom and my own original creations, so please, feel free to read and I do hope you enjoy them. And do comment. I love comments a lot, mainly because I'm quite insecure and never really happy with the end product (at least, not in the weeks after I post), so comments help a lot.

And if you'd like to friend, by all means do so. I love new friends and pretty much always friend back. Heads up I'm a little on the awkward side when it comes to conversation, but social interaction for me is a learning process, and I try my best to make the reciprocal effort.

I suppose the other important thing is that with the exception of a few personal entries (not all of them, just the grittier ones) everything is unlocked. I only see the need to f-lock those that are very personal.

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