[spn] Levee- hoping for redemption

Tell me about the dream, where we pull the bodies out of the lake

If you haven't seen it yet- GO NOW.

secretlytodream has done it again and made the most fantastic SPN video. Seriously, it's haunting and beautiful and perfectly cut together, contrasted beautifully with an almost monotonous spoken poem (2 poems actually).

It reminds you that beneath all the pain and despair and hurt, there's a heart and strength and love to the Winchesters that defies everything that is thrown at them.

[skins] Elizabeth- the light in your eye

Drive by- now with chocolate.

So, I'm not as proud of this as I was for the success of my mini cheesecakes, but I kind of love how these babies turned out, so have a picture:

They're for Valentine's Day, for the incoming guests at the Guest House I'm working at. The squiggle hearts and blurt hearts (named due to how I made them) are a mild chilli dark/milk mix, and the swirled ball-thingies contain a cinnamon/nutmeg (and a dash of paprika and vanilla essence) spiced chocolate ganache.

Now I just have to wrap them up in red cellophane, keep 'em in a fridge, and set them out with a short note :)
[real] the writer is in

okay, so

I want to do bigbang this year. I've decided that I will sign up. but I haven't yet, because I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE WHAT TO WRITE.

I have been thinking about it non-stop, and nothing. Zilch.

So, I want prompts. Comment, or PM. Can be anything. Single words, sentences, quotes, pictures/art, plotpoints etc. If anything gets me going, that'll be my choice.

I am leaning towards RPF rather than SPN, just so you know.
[fic] Just don't mention- shoe

art query

Does anybody know if anyone's made any calendars for 2012. SPN/J2 themed, that is. I was keeping an eye out at the end of last year but didn't see any pop up.

If you know of any, point the way :D
[stock] un mignon jupe et chapeau

To all of you:

Both on my flist and not on it yet, Merry Christmas, and Season's Greetings. It's a little over two hours until Christmas day, and I'm half drunk and about to pass out thanks to my work Christmas party, but I hope you enjoy your holidays and welcome the New Year in with style!

And may 2012 not be the zombie apocalypse we're all expecting, but much more laid-back and easy going :)

Then again, a zombie apocalypse would save me from having to do stuff this year. Oh, mutated virus/end-of-the-world insanity, wherefore art thou?

(And yes, I'm well aware the apocalypse is happening at the end of 2012... doesn't mean I can't hope ;) )


Oh and finally, for those who were waiting on Christmas cards, I hope they got to you. I still haven't received anything, so I'm hoping that the kerfuffle of a 2010 posting issue isn't happening again.

Much love.