this is where the wild things are

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~Rule one: there are no rules
Rule two: No shoes inside~

So, I hate these bio things, because how do you talk about yourself and not sound like a total wierdo?

I'm 27 years old, which means I'm old enough to know better and juuuuust young enough that I can get away with claiming I don't.

I like simple things - they make me smile, and I am fascinated by the complicated things. Sometimes I wish I was a dolphin, but they're not my favourite animal.

I love writing, but am awful at getting something finished, and after a brief, and unpublished dabble in HP fandom, write only original stories and SPN fics.

Please feel free to say hi and friend me, because I love new friends and all that jazz, and I'll almost always friend back-

but do be prepared that my social skills are not top-notch. I try my best though.

Also, I sometimes have minor auditory hallucinations. That;s totally not oversharing, right?

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